I’m Dean Longstaff

Welcome to my website, i have created this to let you have an insight into my work and interests. And also to share some of my personal projects with you!

Looking to hire me?

About Me

My name is Dean if you haven’t already guessed. Most of the stuff you read about me will probably be technology based, since it’s all i do, it’s my career and my hobby (when i have the spare time). I also have other hobbies like cycling, walking and running! Health is the most important thing in your life at the end of the day! Got to keep active!

I have my own technology services company which provides services such as Web Design, Server configurations and installations, WiFi installations, Video Editing, etc. They all operate under Dean Corporation, however my favorite one to work on is by far Geekabit.

What I Do

You could call me a workaholic 🤷‍♂️

ICT Career

I currently work in the Ministry of Justice as an IT Service Manager.


This is a networking company i own in order to attract potential free-lancing jobs outside of my normal work.

Food Delivery

I used to be a food delivery driver, not a passion of mine but it did help the savings!

I like to fly my drones when i find the time.
I have a DJI Phantom 4 and a DJI Mini 2.

I also enjoy 3D Printing, minus the headaches.
I have an ender 3 pro + lots of mods!

Ahh Linux, i never touched this until 2019.
Now i have over 20 Linux Servers at home.

My Interests

These are things that i like to do

(Although i usually never get the time to do any of it)


I’m a bit of a network geek and love building a network from scratch, especially the manual work side of it. I wish i had more chance to do manual work sometimes.


Having an ICT mindset has its downsides. Sitting in a chair all day isn’t good, so I try to get out for some exercise everyday. Usually for a walk or run but I occasionally cycle too!


I love being able to set up new servers, whether it is a new rack of virtual hosts or configuring Linux, i enjoy both but often troubleshooting can be difficult.

Writing Apps

This is one that I have recently started in 2020. I bought my first MacBook Pro and want to learn how to create apps. Once I have created some I will post a portfolio on my site!

My Skills

Up until i was 18, the majority of my skills were self-taught, electrical work, wood work, engineering, computer skills and video editing. But once i started my career i entered a whole new dimension of skill opportunities.

Linux - Deployment, Administration and Container Management/Deployment
Deploying Linux VMs/Administration/File Control/Security Auditing.... 85%
Windows Servers are easy peasy 90%
I find networking protocols extremely interesting. 85%
Virtualization and Virtual Networking
Xen-Server/VMware/Hyper-V/pfSense 85%
Physical Hardware and Networking
Firewalls/Routers/Switches/Cat5e/Cat6/Hosts/UPS/NAS...... 95%
Microsoft Cloud Services - Azure/InTune/O365/Power Automate/Power BI/SharePoint
Currently developing my skills. 80%
Xcode - Started Learning June 2020!
ESP8266 Projects

How to make your own DIY Smart Blinds

Here I will show you how you can build your own smart blinds for around £10! This model uses a Node MCU to run our program on and is controllable using API built into the source code!

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